Handymen Total Property Care is owned by Paul Kennel

Paul brought his first 'do up' in 1992, a one bedroom home near the University of Waikato. 
Renovating the property and adding an additional bedroom, Paul was hooked on property and DIY. 

Many properties and customers later, Paul now owns his on home and rentals, plus Handymen Total Property Care.  Paul and the team understand the value in maintaining property in a caring manner to ensure the valuable asset is protected.  With rentals this is often a balancing act, we understand budget restrictions and the need to not allow the property to be vacant.  We will work with you to achieve the best results, which often means responding quickly and completing the work between tenants.

Handymen's foundation policy is to provide outstanding customer service. 

We also understand that with today’s very busy lifestyles not everyone has the time to spend on time-consuming property maintenance jobs around the home, rental or office.  We can help, freeing up your time to focus on the important things in life. 

We are happy to do anything you ask to repair, maintain and generally improve your property ensuring Total Property Care.  The tasks we complete vary widely from building work, household repairs, tidying up inside and out, cleaning and section maintenance.

Handymen also GURANTEE the QUALITY of their work.
So YOU, can be in no doubt Handymen are RIGHT for the job!