Handymen Total Property Care

We take care of all your property maintenance. We can sort your property problems fast!

Does your property need renovating, painting, repairs or maintenance, or just a good clean and the garden tidied?

(Handymen Total Property Care, formerly known as Handy Men Legendary Handymen)


Too busy to get around to it? Handymen can do it: House Maintenance, Installations, Repair Work, Gib Stopping, Painting, Fitting Shelves, Hanging Curtains, Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations, Decks, Fences, Light Switches, Water Blasting, Gardening, Tidying Up & Rubbish Removal, Cleaning and more.

Talk to the Handymen team - we're here to help!

Repairs, renovations and installations? Handymen can get it done. No job too big or too small. Handymen build decks and fences, replace rotten weatherboards & other exterior repairs. We also work indoors renovating, bathroom & kitchen installations, hanging curtain rails & doors, patching gib, and generally getting things working well again.
Qualified painters that do the work properly. Ensuring surfaces are well prepped - that makes a huge difference! Handymen use quality paint and paint everything from interior surfaces to exteriors, garages and fences.
Has that garden got away on you or the tenants haven't touched it? Handymen can tame it for you.
Sometimes you'd be surprised that all it takes is a thorough clean - particularly rental properties after a 'not so caring' tenant. Handymen have cleaned many rental properties that looked due for a repaint but just needed a thorough clean! We can also water blast your decks, paths and driveways.
We have your back.
Let us worry about your rental property repairs & maintenance.
Rentals are one of our specialities.
The skilled team at Handymen Total Property Care will help you protect your investment.
Fill out our enquiry form or call our team.
We can usually provide a price for you over the phone, or will come out to you to talk it over.
Contact Handymen today and get it done!

About Us

Handymen Total Property Care is owned by Paul Kennel

Paul brought his first 'do up' in 1992, a one bedroom home near the University of Waikato. Renovating the property and adding an additional bedroom, Paul was hooked on property and DIY.

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